Shinnoki Prefinished Wood Panels

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Shinnoki gives you a wide choice of sturdy, high-quality veneered sheets, ready to be processed in any interior. Our range of no less than 17 widely differing designs has been put together to cover all kinds of styles, from classical to trendy.

One key aspect of a Shinnoki sheet is its stability. Thanks to the mixmatch technique, it has the looks and all the other benefits of a solid panel, without the disadvantages. This means that the Shinnoki 2.0 Collection guarantees uniform quality with the natural, lively appearance of wood, both visually and to the touch. Our product range offers a broad choice of colours, styles and types of wood - with eight different variants for oak alone!


3000 x 1220 x 1,5 mm ( 1/17" x 48" x 118" )

SHINNOKI 3-PLY veneer sheets are made of 3 layers of wood veneer, the top layer of which is the prefinished Shinnoki. That means it is both sturdy and relatively flexible. SHINNOKI PLY can be glued onto any baseboard. No further finishing is then needed. The best way to glue it is shown on The video showing you how to do it illustrates the two possible ways of gluing 3-PLY: with a cold press or with contact adhesive.