Querkus Finest Oak Collection

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Querkus is the answer to the contemporary interior design trends in Northern Europe. An ecological design that combines authentic materials with rigid elements that reflect regeneration without breaking with our rich past.

Oak is a key factor in this and can be used in various options in interiors as a sustainable product. This is firstly because of the recycling of old timbers, and secondly because new oak trees are processed. These various materials are cut into veneers, which are glued to each other using a unique process to produce a single, solid picture. This technique also makes it possible to use various thicknesses of veneer to achieve solutions for all budgets and applications.

The traditional character of this natural product is all the more apparent from the 3D effects so that the polished or unfinished surface has a rough feel.


Flex is a veneer layon that is very easy to work with. The veneer layon is first pressed onto paper and the wood fibres are then broken. This gives us a flexible strip of veneer wood. FLEXIBILITY is the key features of this product. Flex can be glued onto any surface in a moment. Flex can also be used to finish the sides of panels of any kind very quickly. The gluing of the top- and backing layer is done with a formaldehyde-free glue.